Meet The Song “Half of Everything” by Scott MacKay

Americana songwriters aren’t usually known for humorous songs and lyrics, and usually display a more serious front. However, the new single “Half of Everything” by Scott MacKay is a funny one you definitely want to listen to as it breaks the mold! This is the perfect song to get a little background on and I am thankful Scott took the time to tell us how it came about.

Who are the writers?
Just me, myself, and I.

Who are the performers?
I played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocals. Daniel Ledwell played the electric guitar, bass guitar, keys, horns, & cello. Jenn Grant sang background vocals. Kinley Dowling played the violin, & viola and her father Alan Dowling played drums & percussion.

Where did the idea come from?
I came up with the title “Half of Everything” first which intrigued me. That then led to wanting to illustrate the absurdity of splitting things 50/50 in a divorce in a wacky way. It would make for a better story if I had gone through a messy divorce myself though, wouldn’t it? Perhaps it’s something I should at least consider for the sake of the song?

What came first, the music, the words, the idea?
The title and idea came first. Which is typically how I write. I then wrote the lyrics with a melody in mind and lastly picked up the guitar to find the chords to go with it.

Is it going to be a part of a larger collection, such as EP or album?
It is. I have plans to record a full-length album of comical classic country songs next year.

Lyrically, what perspective is the song told from?
The song is told from the perspective of a man whose wife has just announced that she doesn’t love him anymore and wants a divorce. They then go back and forth claiming halves of each other’s stuff.

Were there any challenges while writing it?
I initially started writing it as a serious song but realized quickly that it just wasn’t meant to be written that way. The title itself is suggestive of a comical treatment and it took me a while to figure that out.

What sets this song apart from your previous work?
This song represents a comical side of my personality which is not evident in any of my previous work.

What sets this song apart from what is being played on the radio today?
A couple of things that I think make it different from what I’ve heard on the radio today is that it doesn’t follow a typical song structure with a repeating chorus and it’s comical. There are comical country songs that do get airplay but I’d say for the most part, this isn’t the case.


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