MEET…Jay Taylor

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
A burger…does that count as a sandwich? or a Publix sub, pressed!

The Beatles or Elvis? Why?

To me that’s really tough, apples and oranges kind of thing. I was REALLY into Elvis a a kid then started respecting him even more as an adult, best entertainer and had more charisma than any entertainer ever, in my opinion. It just came so natural to him. He never wrote or produced or was involved deeply in the creative process though. I got into the Beatles later in life, not the best showmen but possibly the most creative band and producer combo in history. Paul and John were the best songwriting duo ever. If you want to be entertained watch Elvis, if you want to learn listen to the Beatles.

Lyrics to live by?
“Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds boy, she’ll beat you if she’s able, you know the queen of hearts is always your best bet.” – Desperado

“Desert Island” album?
I’d want something to keep my spirits up and keep me moving, so “Hot Fuss” by the Killers

What country music artists do you listen to the most?
George Strait, Eric Church, Tyler Childers, Jason Isbell

How would you describe your “sound”?
Back Porch Poetry

Where do you see your musical career in 5 years?
To be honest in this musical climate I have no idea. Streaming, no financial gain from the music itself, radio becoming less effective and the basic non-existence of albums has me a little lost as far as plans go. I’m not too concerned with long term goals at the moment. I used to be too concerned with long term goals so my short term goals never came into fruition. I’m only working on short term goals now. Putting out as much music as possible and always learning and becoming a better musician, singer, and writer. Everything can change but a good song will always need to be heard.

Are there any instruments you don’t play but wish you did? Why?
I wish I was better at piano. In my opinion it is the most versatile instrument. It can go from being sweet and slow to rock and roll within the same song.

What was the best advice you have received?
“A successful musician is a working musician” – Dennis Lee

What advice would you give to yourself at the start of your musical career?
Don’t listen to anyone who makes money off of you or could possibly make money off of you in the future. Put out the music you want, when you want, how you want. Just play it.

Where does most of your inspiration come from?
Scenarios I see and have been a part of. Observations. Experience. The best songs and stories are always the ones that are real.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in your career so far?
Never having to wear a suit to work.

What’s on the horizon for you that you would like to share?
I’m putting out more music than ever before, I’m putting out more videos, I’m learning video and photography and I’m working with more talented people on content that I’m proud of. I’ve never been this driven or happy with what my music sounds like. More music is coming and more content is coming all the time.


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  1. Sabatus, Me 04/26/2019

    Best night out in over 10months . More than you know you , the whole band me me smile , first time in months.
    Diagnosed with EPI and dealing with more stress than I had ever experienced. My best friend new i loved country to my soul. She heard about this new up an coming artist coming to maine. We had been to the venue before. New the owners. Felt safe .

    So to be honest. Thank you for letting me share in that amazing night. Got a signed CD , pictures and t shirt as well. All are great treasures of a night out before a long road of recovery, therapy, treatment and to be healthy again.
    Now I was hit with minor symptoms to covid 19 due to a low immune system. In 11th day of self / home quarantine.
    8 to 9 days to go. And more . Maine now at home mandatory orders unless for Emergency or food essentials.

    To sum up this long pity parade of a unique note ,
    THANK YOU from the sincere bottom of my heart ,


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