Lucie Silvas E.G.O. Album Review

Singer-songwriter Lucie Silvas releases her latest album on August 24th titled E.G.O.

The album is dripping with old school R&B tones and lyrics, which shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that has seen Lucie’s shows in recent years. She has sites her R&B influences and incorporates cover songs into her set list such as the Jackson 5. Her powerful voice fits well with the music backdrop of heavy drums and bass, with a sprinkle of Americana mixed in. The lead single “Kite” even features a rockin’ guitar solo that helps drive the song alone.

“Black Jeans” has a heavy, kind of swampy bass line that actually reminds me of ‘70s Fleetwood Mac, or even a song off Stevie Nicks’ Bella Donna album. We don’t hear much of that these days.

One of my favorite songs to hear Lucie perform live is “First Rate Heartbreak” because it’s a fun song and a real rocker. It definitely translates very well from the live setting to the recorded version on the album.

Lucie’s voice cuts right through any musical instrument, and even has a vintage tone to it. Mix her vocal style with the R&B bass and guitar parts and you’ve got a wonderful collection of songs that sound like anything from the ‘60s or ‘70s, but in a refreshing way.

Lyrically Lucie wears her heart on her sleeve on E.G.O., providing an honest and down to Earth approach. I think Nashville has had a positive influence on her over the last few years.

Stand out tracks? Just listen to the whole damn thing! E.G.O. is all killer and no filler.

P.S. – “Change My Mind” will make you cry…


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