Midland “Let it Roll” Album Review

Retro country rockers Midland released their second full length album “Let it Roll” on August 23, 2019 as their follow up to 2017’s “On the Rocks”. The band’s debut album has a few popular songs, presenting a unique perspective and sound in today’s country music world. Everything from the band’s image to their sound evokes images of country music’s days gone by.

The group posted on their social media that their favorite movie is “Urban Cowboy”, and since I read that I always picture that movie when I listen to Midland’s songs. I feel like they are always creating their own soundtrack to that movie. It seems like a rare thing to see a band or group’s images match perfectly with their “sound” in country music. You see that more often with in rock. I could see how in the beginning some people might have been skeptic of Midland as being somewhat fabricated, however, “Let it Roll” proves the group is more than some kind of fluke and does not suffer from the sophomore slumps.

Here are my notes about each track on the album:

Let it Roll – Upbeat, rockin’ tune. The perfect opener on the album. High-flyin’ harmonies, the track as a whole is a perfect representation of this group.

Fourteen Gears – Catchy, smooth, a classic Midland song. Per the band, it was written awhile ago, and they didn’t want to release it until they got it just right.

Mr. Lonely – Barroom guitars. A fun song to sing along to. The video has the same feel that fits the lyrics and features Dennis Quad.

Cheatin’ Songs – Change of pace, slower song. Definitely not a bad song, however, it just doesn’t really grab me.

Put the Hurt On Me – more a ballad. Great song, smooth. One of my favorites on the album.

I Love You, Goodbye – another catchy, easy listening song. Retro sound.

Every Song’s A Drinkin’ Song – classic country, honky tonk song.

21st Century Honky Tonk American Band – song title kind of explains it all. Up tempo song.

Fast Hearts and Slow Towns – one of the best songs on the album. Very catchy, classic Midland. Twangy guitars

Cheatin’ By the Rules – fun, catchy tune. Grabs better than the other “cheatin” song. More upbeat.

Playboys – another one of my favorite songs on the album. Catchy and upbeat. It really grabs you.  You get images of the band having fun on their tour.

Lost in the Night – different lead vocals. Doesn’t work.

Getting’ The Feel – slow tempo. Harmonies and guitars sound just like classic Eagles. Just listen to that guitar solo.

Roll Away – different vocalist again? Sails in the Eagles territory as well. Good closer, feels like a “goodbye”.


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