Meet The Song “Tulsa” by Braden Jamison

I interviewed Braden Jamison in the past for a “meet” feature about him and now he has released a new song called “Tulsa”. Its about his hometown and comes from a special place. “Tulsa” a stand-out song that showcases many of Braden’s talents and I truly love this song. Here is the background on how this beautiful ballad came to be…

Who are the writers? 

Tulsa is a song I wrote myself.

Who are the performers? 

We had a great group in the studio for this song. I played several of the instruments myself, and my producer, Kendal Osborne at Closet Studios, played several as well. Hank Early (Turnpike Troubadours) added Steel for us again on this project, as did Hall of Fame fiddle player Shelby Eicher. As always, my sister, Ashlyn Fiegener, brought the sweet harmonies.

Where did the inspiration come from? 

I wrote this song two and a half years ago while I was away at college. I was missing home and noticing that a lot of people around me were missing home as well. It was 2020 and we were all on lock-down. Our interactions were limited, and I think that experience heightened the emotions and the longings for what was and what we had all lost. So, I think this song is relatable for virtually everyone. For those who left a special someone behind in order to chase their dream as well as those who just long for something that used to be. It speaks to the universal struggle to move forward while a part of yourself won’t let go and keeps desiring to go back.

What came first, the music, the words, the idea?

I played along with the guitar intro a little before even having an idea for the song lyrically, but the melody and words came at the same time. 

Is it going to be a part of a larger collection, such as EP or album?

I may eventually add it to an album, but I wanted to release this as a single . I’ve been performing this song in writers’ rounds, bars, and festivals for a couple years and it seems to resonate with so many people that I felt it was important to get it recorded and put it out there. 

Were there any challenges while writing it?

This was one of those songs that just kind of fell out. It’s a really special song to me, and when that’s the case, I just try not to overthink it. 

What sets this song apart from your previous work? 

I think this is the most authentic and real I’ve been in my writing. I write a lot of songs to get people up and moving in the honky tonks that we play, and I love that, but this one is just pure heart.

What sets this song apart from what is being played on the radio today?

This is an emotional song for sure. My hope is that people will slow down to hear the story. If they do, I think most will connect to it right away.  It’s not the typical “driving your truck down a dirt road to go drink beer with your buddies at the lake” kind of song we hear so much on the radio.  Those songs are fun, but ‘Tulsa’ is more about real life which brings loss, struggle, reflection, and even regret.  I hope radio picks it up because there is a definite need for songs that emotionally connect to listeners. 


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