MEET…Braden Jamison

The aspect I enjoy the most about Meet Country is discovering new country music and sharing it with others. Here is my interview with up and coming singer Braden Jamison. His musical sound and tastes are a breath of fresh air, ignoring the pop-slant of today’s commercial country scene. Check out his songs, including his new EP out today and follow him on social media or visit

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? Fried bologna

The Beatles or Elvis? Why? Beatles. I’m a sucker for great harmony. One of my best friends and I have just recently took a deep dive through their discography. 

Lyrics to live by?

“Stop rolling down hill

Like a snowball headed for Hell

Stand up for the Flag

And let’s all ring the Liberty Bell”

Favorite album of all time? “One of These Nights” by the Eagles. 

What country music artists do you listen to the most? Randall King, George Strait, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, Josh Ward, Cody Johnson, Cody Jinks 

How would you describe your “sound”? A fresh throwback to traditional country music. 

Where do you see your musical career in 5 years? I would like to think that I’ll be making great music and touring. 

Are there any instruments you don’t play but wish you did? Why? Steel guitar. It’s my favorite instrument, and every time I see my steel player play I wish I could play as well.

What was the best advice you have received? Good enough never is. 

What has been the biggest struggle or challenge you have faced in your career? So far it’s been my age. I’m just now able to play honky tonks and clubs. I could never get in before. 

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in your musical career so far? Playing a show with Toby Keith. 

You have a new EP coming out on October 15th. Tell me about the songs.

My new EP will have 3 new songs in addition to one of my latest singles, “Playin’ George.”

  • “Bright Future”- bright future is a high energy, honky tonk attitude song. It’s a warning to your friend about the girl he’s interested in who already broke your heart. It’s a fun play-on-words with the bright flash of the neon. 
  • “Hardwood Heartache”- hardwood heartache is a slower, mellow, more emotional song about dancing with someone in a dance hall and they slip out before you got a chance to really connect with them. Consequently, you go back to that place all the time in hopes to catch them again. It’s got a southwest lonesome feel, very similar to that of the early Eagles. 
  • “Two-Steppin’ Away”- two-steppin’ away is a fun dancing song. It’s about seeing someone walk in and immediately “falling in love.” It’s a honky tonk tale as old as time. 

What song on the album do you most wish you were out there performing live right now? We are actually already playing all of these live now, and my favorite is either “Two-Steppin’ Away” or “Bright Future.” They’re high energy and usually get the crowd dancing. 


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