MEET…Greg Payne of The Piedmont Boys

The Piedmont Boys from Greenville, South Carolina have a new album titled ‘Almost Home’ comes out tomorrow, November 13th! We sat down and got to know vocalist/guitarist Greg Payne just ahead of their new release.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

Banana w/ Peanut Butter

The Beatles or Elvis? Why?

Elvis. Because he liked the same sandwich and he’s the King.

Lyrics to live by?

There’s more old drunks than there are old doctors so I think we better have another round – Willie

“Desert Island” album?

Appetite For Destruction

What country music artists do you listen to the most?

Waylon, Hank Jr, Merle, Jerry Reed, Coe, Jason Boland, Josh Brannon

How would you describe your “sound”?

Country, Rock, Bluegrass thrown in a blender.

Where do you see your musical career in 5 years?

It’s such a crazy business I don’t know where I see us tomorrow.

How would you describe “outlaw country” in today’s world?

Overused term but I guess people associate that with bands who don’t care about radio play. Doing it their own way and all that jazz.

Are there any instruments you don’t play but wish you did? Why?

Steel Guitar because you will Always have a job if you want it.

What was the best advice you have received?

Success is relative. You don’t have to be at the top of the charts or uber famous to be successful. Look at what you have and not what you don’t have.

What advice would you give to yourself at the start of your musical career?

Find another shot besides Jagerbomb

Where does most of your inspiration come from?

Love the Waylon and Cash sound and the writing is inspired by life experiences.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Have not been arrested in twelve years on the road. Guess I’m not an outlaw

What’s on the horizon for you that you would like to share?

New Album “Almost Home” is available now for Preorder on iTunes. Official release is November 13! Go get it!


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