MEET…The Broadway Broads

Broadway in downtown Nashville has enough drunk fools walkin’ around with and now you have The Broadway Broads! This trio of female singers blend right in with the crowds but they have the pipes to back it up. Their new song “Happy Breakup to You” is available now for purchase or streaming.

What is your favorite type of sandwich?
Ain’t nothin’ better than a Bologna sandwich. Our favorite one is at Roberts! A dang bologna sandwich, chips, and a PBR- SIGN US UP!

How did the Broadway Broads come about? Have y’all known each other a long time?
Everyone thinks we’ve known each other forever, but truth is we met about a year ago. We all became best friends (tons of wine nights) and that’s when the Broads formed.

How would you describe your “sound”?
Country meets trailer trash

How will y’all known when you’ve “made it”?
WE HAVE MADE IT DAMMIT. We get to put out music we love, we get to play shows together and ain’t no one telling us what we can or can’t do.

What is the crazier thing you have done on Broadway?
Well its hard to remember once you black out. We love tearing up Broadway during the week.

What country music artists do you listen to the most?
oh Lord, That’s a tough one. We love some Wheeler Walker Jr. Love some Dolly. & believe it or not WE LOVE LIZZO cause we’re 100% those bitches.

Where does most of your inspiration come from?
We pull from a bunch of different artists.. I would said our biggest inspiration would pull from The Dixie Chicks and The Pistol Annies.

Is “Happy Break Up to You” going to a part of a larger project, such as a EP or full album?
You will just have to wait and see… but, we always got somethin’ up our sleeves so stay tuned.

How did the song come about? Did someone get their heart broken?
This song came about so organically, which that is our goal as songwriters. We ain’t just making shit up. Bobbi Jo and Wanda were at the pool one day and Bobbi Jo saw a group of guys and said, “Y’all celebrating a bachelor party or what?” One of the guys said, “Nope, just a breakup.” Bobbi said, “WELL HAPPY BREAKUP TO YOU!” Wanda looked at Bobbi and said, “write that shit down, now!” We all got together and drank too much wine and wrote the song so fast! We obviously put our own breakup experiences in the song. A little wine and a little line- That’s how you got Happy Breakup to You!


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