My Grand Ole Opry Show #2

On February 14th, 2020 I flew to Nashville and attended my second Grand Ole Opry show. The lineup for the night was:

Mark Wills, Mike Snider, Dailey & Vincent, Bill Anderson, The Grascals, Charles Esten, Terri Clark, Gary Mule Deer, Lainey Wilson, John Conlee and Sawyer Brown.

I had seen Charles Esten perform a few times prior and I saw Mark and Bill perform at the first Opry show I attended in July 2019. Seeing those two again made it truly feel like an Opry show since they were at both shows I’ve seen, and going forward I will always associate them as such. Everyone else was a first for me. I was particularly excited to see Terri Clark and she did not disappoint. She sounded amazing and I enjoyed her hosting her segment. A true stand-out moment for me.

I was pleasantly surprised by The Grascals as I was unfamiliar with their music. Dailey & Vincent as well. The bluegrass element definitely keeps a show grounded because it’s basically the truest form of country music in my opinion. Even though I wasn’t a fan I still took something from their performances and I will be checking out their music soon.

Mike Snider was really cool and I remember how I thought he was funny as hell. His string band really grounds the show as well. It was a big night for Lainey Wilson as she made her Opry debut. One day I can look back and say “I was there that night” as her career grows.

I’m not sure why it took me this long just to come up with the idea to write about this night. I should have written up about it right away but the thought didn’t cross my mind then as I was too wrapped up in the experience. However, one thing that gave me the idea was a comment I read on Twitter in regards to the Grand Ole Opry and its membership. The person said the Opry would be legit if George Strait and Miranda Lambert were members. I didn’t care much for this person’s thought process but it got me thinking. There are different opinions about who should or should not be welcomed as a member of the Opry. There are even a few very recent artists that I personally do not feel should be members and I do agree that George and Miranda should be members. However, for a fan to say that the Grand Ole Opry isn’t legit is kind of a slap in the face to many wonderful and deserving artists that ARE members. 

You can’t dismiss the whole thing just because whomever you like isn’t a member. Also, as someone responded, Strait was asked and he declined. Many artists dream of not just performing on the Opry stage but also being asked to join. Even though country music is currently having a bit of an identity crisis, I can still feel the magic the Opry shares with fans and artists. True country musicians are still current members and/or performing on that stage, carrying the torch. 

Anyway, it was a fun night and I took something from the show, which I think is the point. I was introduced to a few performers that were new to me that I am now interested in, some new and some older. I guess I am still hungry to devour anything country music and appreciate the good stuff that’s still out there!

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