Miranda Lambert 2/22/2020

On 2/22/2020 I had the chance to see Miranda Lambert in concert at the Toyota Center in Ontario, California. Lanco and Cody Johnson were the openers for the night.

This was the sixth time seeing Miranda in concert, 4th solo show, 1 festival and once performing with the Pistol Annies.

I saw Lanco open for Dierks Bentley about a year and a half ago. I’m not a fan and do not know any of their songs. I actually thought the lead singer sounded horrible and wondered if it was him or the sound of the venue. Luckily it was just him, as I discovered, once Cody and Miranda hit the stage.

I had not seen Cody Johnson live before and don’t really know his songs either, but I was excited to see him because had a feeling he would put on a good show. He did not disappoint. Cody runs around a bit on stage and reminded me a little of Garth Brooks. Musically, he reminds me of George Strait singing those straight-forward cowboy songs in jeans, boots and a cowboy hat. During his set he acknowledged his support for the military and the police.

I have reviewed a few Miranda shows on this blog so I won’t get into it too much here. However, I feel like each Miranda Lambert show I have seen has gotten progressively better. The first time I saw her I felt completely disconnected, however, the last few concerts have been spot on. I think her setlist is much better than the first time I saw her, keeping up the pace when needed with previous hits and plenty of new songs. Prior to the show I did not look at recent setlists so I was surprised as the show went on.

Miranda tends to throw in a cover song or two during her set. For this show I was pleasantly surprised not only to hear “Say You Love Me” by Fleetwood Mac, but to hear how good the band sounded on it! The whole band did such a great job with the harmonies and little nuances that come with that song.

When you attend a Miranda Lambert concert you realize how many hit songs she has had, and they just keep coming. Although, I think country radio might be shifting away from her singles to make room for the junk that is being released by younger singers that aren’t really country. It seems like that’s how it always works out.


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