Whitney Rose To Release New Album “We Still Go to Rodeos” and Other Thoughts

Meet Country singer Whitney Rose! Her new single “Believe Me, Angela” is out now, ahead of her new album titled We Still Go to Rodeos due April 24th, 2020.

I am a little behind on getting acquainted with Whitney and her music so I listened to her catalog several times over within the last 2 weeks. I like to get to know an artist through their music before writing a review of a song or album. Its tough to go through several of an artist’s songs that you have never heard of and attempt to form something worth writing about. Doing this with Whitney Rose was an easy task because I was able to effortlessly travel through her albums and EP because she has great songs and a unique overall sound.

From the start of her new single”Believe Me, Angela” your ears get transported to a honky tonk bar. Whitney Rose has the unique ability to infuse honky tonk with Americana. You don’t typically hear that as usually its one or the other. I’ve read several descriptions of her sound, from countrypolitan to Americana to 50s/60s pop and so forth. In reality, Whitney does blend all of these sounds but yet keeps it cohesive. There is a definite retro-vibe throughout all of her songs, even on “Believe Me, Angela” and she has an image to go with it that comes off as genuine. It makes her a very interesting singer to follow, watch and listen to, showing that a star can shine in today’s world of cookie cutter female singers. Whitney offers something different image-wise, but more importantly musically. Her strong and powerful voice rests on top of her songs like icing, the type of voice even missing from many of today’s commercial country music singers.

And she writes her own songs. All 12 songs on We Still Go to Rodeos were solely written by Whitney. It is sure to be an album release worth waiting for! Whitney Rose is the perfect an example of the type of singer/songwriter we all should be rooting for as a means to diversify what country music stands for in today’s world.


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