Meet The Song: “3 Minutes at a Time” By Garrett Biggs

Who are the writers?
Shane Lunsford and myself! I was lucky enough to pen this song with Shane whenever I was back home from Nashville a while back and have loved it from the day we wrote it!

Who are the performers?
Garrett Biggs. (Me, myself, and I) Haha!

Where did the idea come from?
Shane and I didn’t really have an idea that day when we were writing. I can’t remember who had the hook in their pocket, but somehow it got thrown out into the room. That got us talking about how songs capture these memories, right? But not only that, we felt like they captured moments. Little pictures in your head that play over like a movie rather than just a snapchat in your brain, you know? From there we got talking about how the right song at the right time can take you back to one certain spot in your life every time you hear that song. It’s almost like these memories are captured within the 3 minutes that the song plays. Which is obviously where we kind of got the story line and whole vibe of the song.

What came first, the music, the words, the idea?
If I remember right (it’s been over a year since we wrote this song), the chord progression and idea I had matched with the title Shane had. I’m pretty sure that’s how it went down. I do remember the chorus was wrote really, really quick and we thought that we were gonna be able to go to the fair later that night. Turns out, everything after the chorus didn’t come so easy and we ended up going to the fair…to clear our heads cause we were both pissed off at ourselves and to get a cheeseburger. Haha

Is it going to be a part of a larger collection, such as EP or album?
I have some ideas about maybe doing a little bundle, but that’s all it is right now, a thought. As of now, it’s just a stand alone single.

Lyrically, what perspective is the song told from?
1st person. We wanted the singer, which I guess ended up being me, to feel like they were telling the story of their younger years back in high school. And then later in the song we wanted to twist it to where as you get older, those memories or moments I should stay, are still the same when you hear a certain song whether it be in the car, bar, concert, or wherever.

Were there any challenges while writing it?
Oh absolutely! Haha I remember Shane and I were both so pissed off at our brains for not working like we knew they could. I think this write took every bit of 6 hours. We wanted to throw in the towel for the evening so many times that night, but there was something in us that couldn’t stop. And looking back, I’m sure glad we didn’t. It just goes to show that even though sometimes it is better to sit on a song, sometimes it’s better to keep bullying through the writer’s block if you know the emotion and energy is still hanging in the room.

What sets this song apart from your previous work? What sets this song apart from what is being playing on the radio today?
You know, as an artist you’re always trying to release your best work and something different compared to the previous stuff you’ve released. 3 Minutes is my first ‘summertime anthem’ you could say. It’s something that you can grill to, go boating to, crank in the car, or really just listen about anywhere. It’s a super light weight tune that still tells a pretty cool story, and to me that is really sick. I love heavy, emotional tunes as much as anybody, but this is just a fun one. And through all of that, it’s still 100% me and where I come from which is what I shoot for every time I release new music.

Will you be releasing a video with this song?
As of right now, I will not be. But I have been having some second thoughts, so we shall see.


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