Concert Review: Eric Church “Double Down” at Staples Center 5/17/2019 – 5/18/2019

On his “Down Double” tour, Eric Church visited the Staples Center in Los Angeles on May 17th and 18th. For this tour he is playing two nights in a row at the same venue, both with two sets. About half way through each show he takes a 20 minute intermission, which is indicated with a countdown on the stage video screen.

I have been to a lot of concerts and shows but have never seen anything like this tour. Two nights in the same place with different set lists isn’t your typical show. But Eric Church isn’t your typical performer. This was my first time seeing him in concert and I didn’t really know what to expect, but he was definitely on my bucket list to see out of ANY genre of music.

Friday, the 17th, he did not disappoint me at all. The songs, of course, are there. You know them, you know the words, they are awesome. But the band sounded tight and Eric’s voice sounded great. One thing I liked was that he doesn’t deviate too far from how his songs sound on record. He doesn’t stop in the middle of a bunch of songs for audience participation tactics or change the melody, etc. He just plows through the set with one hit song after another. The whole show was amazing, I was completely blown away!

As good as the first night was, I found myself just as excited for night two. I knew that he would perform some of the same songs again but that didn’t bother me. The whole performance was that good! I also appreciated the fact that Eric keeps the cover songs to a minimum because I would rather hear his original music. I’m not familiar with a lot of Eric’s songs so there were quite a few that I didn’t know the words to but still enjoyed them immensely. I was left with the feeling of wanting to learn more of his catalog.

After two awesome nights of getting my face getting blown off by Eric Church, I could have sat through another one! He put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.



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