MEET Country – Blog Name Change

To explain why I changed the name of this blog to “Meet Country” and the meaning behind it, I need to explain the original name of “Rock Meets Country.”

When I started this blog I wanted to name it something that fit where I was coming from at the time. I came up with the title “Rock Meets Country” sometime in Spring 2015 and went with it. The title reflects where I was coming from at the time, just discovering country music and from a rock fan perspective. It was interesting to not just hear the differences between the genres but also see how they varied. Country music is much more of a community between both the artists and the fans. Rock musicians and bands are typically very independent of one another.

Recently I decided I wanted to shorten the name of the blog to something more direct and to shed the “rock” reference since this is a country music blog first and foremost. I wanted a name that was more of a statement. The term “meet country” derives from the original name of this blog, but it also takes on its own meaning.

Often times my blogs and social media posts are in regards to up and coming country music artists. I feel its important to discover and support talented unsigned artists because personally I like to hear new music. But also, they need help, just like I do in promoting this blog. If there is a singer, musician or songwriter that I feel has real talent, I like to help them by offering what I can, which is to expose their music to as many people as I can.

I hope country music fans can rely to this site to be introduced to country music artists that have something to offer to the genre as a whole. In other words, “MEET so and so….Meet Country”.

For the new logo, again I wanted something bold and to the point. The “m” carries over into the image, which also looks like mountains. As I said in my social media introduction of the logo, I like to think some of the characters in my favorite country music songs live in those mountains and that the music never stops…


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