Meet The Song – “Ready Set Life” By Frank Vieira


We interviewed Frank Vieira a few months ago. Now let’s meet his new single Ready Set Life”, his most personal song to date:

Who are the writers?
Ready Set Life was a song that I wrote prior to our son being born. It was the emotions of all of the pace of life weighing on our new growing family and a let’s take on the world energy that can stir in the face of a new baby. I wanted to have a song for my wife that was our journey and a glimpse of what I hope our future looks like. Our producer Mike Ofca really helped polish up the write when I took it in to record. Lots of little nuances that make it what it is today.

Where did the idea come from?
So I’m always floating song title ideas around in my head. With our new baby coming I kept coming back to Ready Set Life. I wanted to convey that time old tale of life going by too fast but with our own personal twist. Something that was a snapshot of where we were in that moment.

Is it going to be a part of a larger collection, such as EP or album?
We’re constantly working on music, so it will definitely be a part of something bigger. Right now it just was a song I felt I had bottled up and wanted to share.

Lyrically, what perspective is the song told from?
It’s really my perspective through my life with Deb and the growth of our little family.

Were there any challenges while writing it?
Definitely. Trying to find a balance of autobiographical and relatable is a fun challenge. How can we make something that’s specifically me but everyone can feel it or has been through it too

What sets this song apart from your previous work? What sets this song apart from what is being playing on the radio today?
For me it’s just the most personal song we’ve released. It’s really a refreshing thing for me, almost like a reset button on writing and production. Finding a more personal voice in a changing landscape of country music was really important to me in everything we’ve been doing. As far as the radio there’s this unique balance of something new and fresh but maintaining a familiarity to the listeners. I think Ready Set Life balances this really well.

Will you be releasing a video with this song?
We’re currently just releasing a lyric video but potentially doing a full blown shoot. I think it’d be a fun one to capture especially with the family.


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