Craig Morgan “When I’m Gone” Single Review

The new single by Craig Morgan is titled “When I’m Gone” and is available now on iTunes. Immediately the song’s vibrancy comes at you and never let’s go.

Musically, the song is very upbeat and has a driving beat that takes you through the songs message. Not a sad song by any means, “When I’m Gone” is about not having any regrets. The lyrics shout:

When I’m gone
Tell I laughed more than I shed tears
When I’m gone
Tell them I stared down all my fears

Overall, the song is a very contemporary, upbeat song but also blends Craig’s strong, country-crooner voice. “When I’m Gone” is no cookie-cutter bro-country and will surely have audiences singing (or possibly screaming) along with the words. It’s sure to be adopted by many fans as a mantra of sorts for anyone wanting to live life to it’s fullest!