Steven Padilla “When I’m Drunk” Single Review

Comparisons are a delicate thing, especially with music. When I discovered (yes, I just used that word) Steven Padilla about a year ago I couldn’t think of any commercial comparisons. He’s country, so is Blake Shelton, so is Alan Jackson, etc. I really couldn’t categorize Steven any other way, he’s country country.

I was very excited to hear some new music from Steven Padilla, and “When I’m Drunk” does not disappoint. Don’t let the song title fool, this isn’t another stupid party song. Instead its a mid-temp ballad that’s far more introspective. It fits perfectly with anything on his 2014 album Good at Goodbye. You can read my review of the album here at

Upon hearing “When I’m Drunk” a lightbulb went off in my head. I figured out the best commercial country music singer for comparison. Dierks Bentley! It isn’t easy to find many sound-alike peers to the Dierks. I always kind of thought of him out there doing his own thing. Don’t misunderstand me, its not so much that I think Steven and Dierks sound exactly the same. I think its more of their approach to their songs that I find similar. Its like “I’m a man, here is my art.” Both are strong singers but with a carefully laid back persona. I compare not to mislead or take anything away from Steven Padilla. Instead, I mean it as the biggest compliment I can give.

Steven could push for Dierks Bentley to record one of his songs, I think they would fit nicely the rest of his catalogue, especially “When I’m Drunk”.

I believe Steven Padilla has a universal likability, so even if you’re not big on country music you still might enjoy this song. Buy it on iTunes!