Nashville (cast) Comes to Los Angeles

On May 9th the cast of Nashville tour came to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

The full line up for this particular night was Chris Carmack, Lennon and Maisy Stella, Aubrey Peeples, Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen and Charles Esten. Sam Palladio apparently is only making two of the shows, the other being in New York. It would have been cool to also see Jonathan Jackson, who was also only playing LA and Chicago, but at the last minute was dropped from the LA show.

Going into the show I thought each singer would do their set and leave. However, I was pleasantly surprised when they traded off. Each would do one or two songs, and then welcome someone else on stage. There were a few collaborations, particularly with Charles Esten.

The whole cast performed the last couple of songs together. Overall, the crowd was most receptive to Charles. Although, after her performance of “Black Roses”, Clare Bowen received a standing ovation. She was responsive to it but I got the feeling that either they are pressed for time or they aren’t allowed to deviate too much from the show.

Not all of the songs performed were featured on the TV show, they were mixed with covers and various original songs. I read another review of the San Francisco show that completely discredited their talent and individual songwriting abilities. I have to completely disagree. These people, as well as anyone else that has performed on the TV show, are picked for their musicianship as well as acting skills. And the individuals that are on this tour are the real musicians, not Hayden or Connie. Not to take anything away from them, but they are actors first. Which is also why they don’t tour, so you have to know that going into this instead of complaining about their absences. Also I think its important to keep in mind, like I said, that they are representing ABC’s Nashville, a TV show. Which was announced on Friday as being renewed for a fourth season, thankfully!

I am a huge fan of the show and I think its the best drama on right now. I like that its not just a nighttime soap just for women, its really has something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoy how the music intertwines within the plot, and many of the songs are actually more thoughtful and more “country” than what is on country radio right now.

The way the show’s songs become “reality”, that you can buy them, its a cool takeaway. Seeing the cast perform them live is an extension of that. I think fans of the show would definitely enjoy seeing the stars live, and general country music fans might enjoy it as well.

Here a few pictures I took. You can see more on the Rock Meets Country Facebook page.