Falling into the “World” of a Song

My favorite thing about music in general is a really great song. It doesn’t have to have a message or be relatable, although that’s what I call icing. It doesn’t have to be catchy or any one thing that makes for a great song. No, my favorite thing is when there’s a song that I want to just get lost in. It plays something like a movie that creates a world I want to step into and live in it.

I don’t feel that way about every song I like, just the special ones. And I think subconsciously I’m always truly on the look out for that type of song. Those are the ones you never forget and you get the same feeling from it as when you first heard it. 

I don’t know if I’m the only one that gets this feeling about certain songs, but I’m thinking maybe so. It may sound dumb but I love it, It’s like a strange mind-melt or something.

It’s an amazing thing to get a response like that from a song. It’s powerful, and that is what true art is. What a special skill to have, to create something that never existed before and have it profoundly affect other people. I wish I had that ability.

The next time I find one of those special songs I want to fall into, I might post it here or on Facebook!