Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide at Incahoots 01/16/15 Review

Daniel Bonte and the Bona Fide at Incahoots January, 16th, 2015.


Last night I finally got to see another full band, full force Bona Fide show. The last time I saw the full band perform was September 11th, so I was  anxious to see them again. Plus I kept missing shows in the meantime, much to my dismay. However, in that time I had forgotten how good they are! After last night, that will be the last time I forget…

The set was a little less than an hour-long at Incahoots in Fullerton, California. To keep things interesting, the set list was mixed with Bona Fide originals and covers. It can be the kiss of death when up and comings bands try to expose audiences with their own songs along with well-known covers because it instantly exposes how good or bad they hold up. I think it’s the perfect way to weed out what works with audiences and what doesn’t, as difficult that may be to the songwriters, but at least they are getting an honest response. If there are a lot of dancers on the floor while you’re performing “Drink In My Hand”, but they don’t return when you next play an original, the set list either needs some tweaking or the song needs to be axed all together.

Daniel and the Bona Fide fortunately did not have this problem last night with their originals! Not only did they stand up against the radio hits to my ears, the dancers thought so as well. The dance floor was very active with every song. BUT, as well all know, it’s not just about the song, it’s also about how well you work it. Daniel Bonte is the ultimate front man, he effortlessly worked the crowd by talking to the entire room, walking on the dance floor and even standing on a set of speakers! I could tell the entire band was having a blast on stage, with smiles from ear to ear they couldn’t stand still. Daniel Bonte’s high energy was very contagious.

I bought The Bona Fide’s EP Enough, all originals, and each song sounds great coming out of my car’s speakers!

Daniel Bonte and the Bona Fide are playing with two other good friends of mine, Ry Bradley and Katelyn Marie on February 26, which is sure to be an amazing time! I’m anxious for this one.