Artist of the Week 11/10/2014- Emma Lane

The Artist of the Week for 11/10/2014 is singer/songer write Emma Lane from Rochester, NY. Here new single “Little Bit of Somethin” comes out on Tuesday, when you can purchase it on iTunes!

Each day this week I will ask Emma Lane two new questions, so check back every day.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
A Ruben!

The Beatles or Elvis? Why?
The Beatles. I grew up only listening to them. The stars must have aligned when that band was formed. Each one of them are incredible in their own write. Amazing songwriting and just downright great songs. They sail through the decades.

New or classic country?
I like both new and classic. Every genre of music evolves, we wouldn’t have new without the old. It’s fun to see artists different interpretations of it.

Lyrics to live by?
“there will be an answer, let it be.” Sometimes you just have to let things go.

What sets you apart from the rest?
I think I have a fresh take on country music. It’s a good mix of new and classic country. I write songs from my heart, and let people know how I feel. It’s not just a ‘song’, it means something. I just truly love and live music every day.

What country music artists do you listen to the most?
I love Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley but I also really dig Eli Young Band. Their sound is great.

How do you see country music evolving within 10 years?
I’m thinking it’ll go back to basics. Singer-songwriters and big country bands. Country music is about a story and great strings. That’s the beating heart of country.

How do you feel about online streaming sites?
It’s a double edged sword. For an up and comer you want people to hear you and your music. More can discover you. At the same time, all of the effort, time and money you put into a song and seeing a royalty check of $0.01 is defeating. It isn’t about the money but think of this. Would you go work an 8 hour shift at your job for a $0.01 check? Writing, recording, playing, it’s still a real job and a lot of work. Music is what makes the world go ’round.

Are there any instruments you don’t play but wish you did? Why?
I wish I could play the Sitar. The sound is just incredible to me. I have an affinity for strings.

Is there anyone that inspires you or who gave great advice?
Dave Grohl is at the top of my list. Dave is just Dave and doesn’t care if you like the way he sounds or not. He’s entirely correct when he says he would have never made it on American Idol type shows. Had we had shows like that back 40-50 years ago, we would have never had such greats in the industry. These legends wouldn’t have made it past the first round. Just wanting to sing like yourself is inspiring. I think as musicians we try to fit ourselves in these boxes to be what we think everyone wants to hear and that’s ok but at the same time we lose part of our uniqueness. The legends are legends because they were so different.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in your career so far?
I think just getting anyone to be a fan is achievement enough. Anyone who listens to your song is incredible. That little bit of soul you write on paper and sing on a record and having someone sing along with it or relate is  the greatest achievement.

How do you see your own music evolving?
I think it will be greater with time, like everything else.

What was the writing process like for your new single “A Little Bit of Somethin”?
Little Bit of Somethin’ was my first co-write in my career. I brought things to the table and Kristy brought other ideas and we created a great story by putting them together. It was also a great learning experience. Kristy has her incredible craft down. Getting to work with her was a dream come true and an honor. Never in my wildest did I think that collab would happen.

What’s on the horizon for you that you would like to share?
2015 is looking very bright! More writing and more recording. Playing some great shows and lots of fun things in between.