A “Bona Fide” Whiskey Tasting

Two birds, one stone! I had been wanting to check out Daniel Bonte and Katelyn Marie for awhile now but it hadn’t worked out. Finally, on September 11th, I was given the opportunity to see both at Schooners in Sunset Beach for a special event.

The night was set up by Daniel Bonte himself, which included a whiskey tasting (no wine, this is country), food and opener Katelyn Marie. First of all, the idea of having a whiskey tasting while listening to country music is genius. Everybody knows that the two go together but this was a spin on an already classic pairing. I now have an idea of my own, but I’m not sharing just yet, don’t be stealin’ my ideas!

I was thrilled to finally see Katelyn Marie, that has been on a goal of mine all summer. Not only does she have a great voice, she has a great band to back her. Katelyn’s set list:
Good Time
Tell Me
Bartender (Lady A)
Cowboy’s Wife
California June
Little Red Wagon (Miranda Lambert)
Blame It On The Whiskey
Bang Bang
Friends in Low Places
That One Drunken Night

Now for the Bona Fide! I’m pretty sure Daniel Bonte recruited a metal guitarist, Billy Ulrich, for his band because he shredded that place up. The whole band is well-rounded, including a female backing vocalist. Nice touch. I can deal Daniel strives for nothing but the best in everything he does and has high standards when it comes to his band and live shows. You can tell when an artist is truly talented regardless of the venue, the time of day, whatever. They make a small stage seem big, they make a dimly lit restaurant feel like an arena and a lead vocalist always takes command of the crowd. I judge a show or concert on whether I had fun because that’s what country music is all about and I had a lot of fun doing just that at Schooners.

The Bona Fide setlist:
Talk to Me
Kiss This
Whiskey Friend
What Was I Thinkin’
Anywhere With You
Money Talks
Just Don’t Happen Twice
Last Call

Thanks Daniel Bonte and the Bona Fide and Katelyn Marie for representing “California Country” that we all love, you rock!