Getting to Know…Mitch Goudy

Getting to Know… Q and A with Mitch Goudy

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
I’m a simple guy, Grilled Cheese or PB&J. Oh yeah.

The Beatles or Elvis? Why?
Elvis. Just always been a fan!

What country music artists do you listen to the most?
I listen to everyone, usually the whole album too. Favorite acts: Zac Brown Band, Eric Church.

How do you see country music evolving within 10 years?
Well right now the development of this next album, I’m working on redefining some of the barriers and creating what radio has been calling “Hybrid Country”.  Hopefully the fans will like the feel of it. Basically, I grew up listening to alot of country music, but I’m also a fan of rock, rockabilly, electronic, rap, reggae, really everything.  So I tried to incorporate all different influences within different songs and all throughout the album.

Are there any instruments you don’t play but wish you did? Why?
I play the drums decently well, but I do wish I could just tear it up when I hit the set. So I’ll have to work on that.

When writing songs where do you find your inspiration?
My life.  I write what hits home to me, because thats what is real.  I started to open my eyes to all the things in my life that could be captured into a melody. Now you will see me writing music all day.

What do you consider to be your first big break in your career so far?
Wow, first big break.  I’m thankful for everything that has happened to me this year, I can’t just say one thing. CMA “Who New To Watch, Touring, Two Top 100 songs, just crazy. Excited to see whats in store for 2015!

What’s on the horizon for you that you would like to share?
Get ready for this album to drop. Its gonna be a completely new approach, and of course #ROWDIE.

Mitch Goudy not only understands the importance of having a relationship with his fans, he practices it. His fans are very involved because he interacts with him. Mitch even has a hashtag he uses quite a bit, #ROWDIE, that incorporates the fans. It’s in his Twitter profile name, in his autographs, in his video, etc etc.

His latest single is titled “Ain’t My Fault”.

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