Tanya Marie Harris “Second Hand Dreams” Single Review

Tanya Marie Harris’ currently single is called “Second Hand Dreams”.

The song starts off intricately and then a thumping country beat jumps in. Musically it sounds similar to Little Big Town’s slight folksy sound, and I could easily hear Karen Fairchild singing the lead. That’s probably why I like the song so much! Tanya’s voice is more comparable to Tanya Tucker or even Reba.

Tanya’s overall tone is less on the pop side of things and more traditional country. I think fans appreciate her realness that she presents on all levels, lyrically, vocally and musically.

The song is about dreaming and working for the finer things in life for your children. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices just to even be able to afford “second hand” items. The words are told from the perspective of the grown child. She basically says she wasn’t born with much, just “skin, bones and dirty clothes”. But her father worked all day, every day, and was her angel on Earth. The sentiment is so universal that it really could be about a father, mother, grandparents and so forth.

There is a nice music video to accompany this song. It remains true to the story in the song starring Tanya Harris herself. Watch it on YouTube:

You can purchase the song on iTunes. And visit TanyaMarieHarris.com


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