Jordan Allard “Country Caboose” Single Review

Jordan Allard‘s newest single is called “Country Caboose” from his EP titled Born in the Country.

I love this song, the style kind of reminds me of 90s country. It doesn’t sound like something you would hear in a club, its real country.

The delivery of the chorus really pulls you in, which is the element of this song that you don’t hear much anymore. The guitars have a bluesy-rock feel to them and are just as equally catchy, making the whole song just “click”.

When I listen to “Country Caboose” I envision Jordan’s fans jumping up (if they weren’t already, which I have a hard time believing anyway) and dancing along. This isn’t one for sitting down, but rather the perfect tune for a festival or fair!

Jordan tells me he wrote the chorus in his high school days and but thankfully he finished writing “Country Caboose” when it came time to record the EP. Judging by Born in the Country, he’s definitely on the fast track to a successful career.

You can purchase the EP on iTunes now. Another stand out track from the EP is “She’s Diggin Me”.

Country Caboose
Tell Lonely Goodbye
She’s Diggin Me
Be Mine
Out on the Floor
Mud Master
Born in the Country