New Featured Titled “Artist of the Week”

For Rock Meets County I decided to add a new feature called “Artist of the Week“. Each week a different Country music artist OR band will be featured on this blog and on our Social Media sites.
Rock Meets Country is currently on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so be on the look out for multiple tweets and posts.
My hope is to post interview questions throughout the week from that artist.
It’s also my goal to help support any releases, shows, StageIts, etc. that the featured artist may have that week. Every Monday the new artist will be announced! If it gets too crazy it may be switched to a monthly feature but we’ll see how it goes.
Therefore, any suggestions would be appreciated. Keep in mind, I would like for the artist to have something going on that week so along with your suggestions please include that information!
Also, any other suggestions on ways to help promote the feature AND the artist. If you are an artist suggesting yourself just know Rock Meets Country wants to keep it a win-win so let’s work together!
Rock Meets Country