Leah Turner ‘Takes the Key’ to Success with her self-titled EP

In May of 2014 Leah Turner released her 5-song, self-titled debut EP. The first single was “Take the Keys”, which had some success on the radio locally in Los Angeles. It was also included on the 2014 ACM’s ZinePak CD. The lyrics have a lot of cool phrases (as with a few of her songs) that come off funny but natural.

Leah delivers high energy on each of her songs, which I imagine works very well in her live show.

The second single was “Pull Me Back”. There is also a video of Leah and her band performing this song acoustically, see below. The couple in the song are at a moment where its make or break, and the narrator is looking for the other to show they still care. “Even when I push you away, pull me back.” Sometimes we put up walls just to see who cares enough to tear them down. 

“Bless My Heart” is a real foot stomper and is one my favorite songs on the EP. This one and the next are the two songs I like the most and they aren’t even the singles (yet anyway)!

“Beat Up Bronco” is a cool song that compares a relationship that’s been through everything to a Ford Bronco. It must be built tough (see what I did there?) having stood the test of time. I love this track, its a little more stripped down, and I imagine Leah as a Ford girl.

The third and current single is “My Finger”. There are a lot of hilarious lines in this song that are very quotable! Its about a woman who was cheated on while planning an upcoming wedding, but found out and called it all off. The chorus goes “You dug your grave the day you kissed her, take your ring and here’s my finger”.

I read a review that tossed the EP aside stating that it was over produced. While I hear that, I disagree that its a reason to dismiss it altogether. Leah has a unique, raspy voice that shines through each track, regardless of what’s going on in the song. Also, she has co writes on each song and as I’ve said before is icing on the cake. I love when artists write their own music, regardless of which stage their career might be in.

Leah is destined to have a lot more success coming her way. Currently she is on tour with Brad Paisley. There’s no stopping this California girl!

Follow Leah Turner on Twitter, she is very active with her fans!