Ry Bradley “Freedom Like This” Video Review

Ry Bradley‘s new single, the title track for his EP Freedom Like This is released today. The single will be released on August 11th and is available for pre-order now on iTunes.

“Freedom Like This” tells a vivid story lyrically and you’d hope the video follows along visually. Well we have a winner!

The song is about running away with the one you love and leaving it all behind and that’s exactly what happens in the video. Nothing complicated, no special effects and all that, its a simple video that works as the perfect visual companion.

It starts off with a girl sneaking out of her house and jumping in a Mustang with her boyfriend, played by Ry Bradley himself. They drive off together, starting their journey into the California desert.

My favorite scenes are when the couple are sitting on the hood of the Mustang. Placed to the left of the screen looking to the right, it gives you the feeling that they are looking forward, pondering what may lie ahead on their journey.

The real rock star moment is when you get to see Ry standing on the edge of a cliff playing his guitar. Most of the video was shot on the desert in California, at times during sunset, adding to the red and orange color pallet. There’s nothing like a sunset in the California desert, the sky and the landscape melt together. The overall color of the video is amazing.

Ry’s previous music video for “A New Kind of Lonely” was filmed in Newport Beach, also in Southern California, extending the “California Country” movement, something he is a big supporter of and I’m proud to say I am too. Artists like Ry make it easy to support.

There is a shot with the couple and the moon in the background, you have to look very closely. See if you can find it!
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