Posting My Old Reviews- yikes!

I remembered that back in the day I had a Geocities webpage where I posted the concerts I attended, my CDs, movies and more. I don’t have any of that saved but there’s a website called Internet Archive that allows you to search for webpages that are defunct. I found my page and all the childish stuff I listed.
The best thing is the little reviews I wrote of the rock concerts I went to. I thought I had written more but I guess not. Anyway, I pulled them and decided I will be posting them here! I wrote them and that was who I was at that moment in time, so they’re special. Plus it will give you a glimpse into my past to see where I’m coming from.
Before I was country I was rock (and still am). Look out for those old, silly reviews coming soon and be prepared to laugh at me (most likely once again).


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