What’s ‘Beyond the Bonfire’ with Cory Wilkins

Cory Wilkins comes from a city not normally synonymous with country music, San Diego. However, I have come to realize there is a lot of talent coming from that area and a large country music following! I love that.

“If You Can Run Along With Me” plays like a bar band mantra “I’ll show you a real good time if you can run along with me.” This is the perfect opener for Cory’s band “we’re gonna keep playin until this house is on fire.” This is a straight forward feel-good song.

“Guitars” is a song about how some girls like fancy clothes, the Romeos and jocks, but “it’s a damn good thing for boys like me that some girls like guitars.” I love the verses with the line “some girls…”, that’s where you’ll find the hook. The song also features a Polynesian-style guitar that’s unexpected but totally cool to feature in a song about guitars.

“This Time” changes the pace up, from blistering guitar solos to a ballad. It gives Cory the opportunity to breath and stretch, showcasing his vocal ability and songwriting range.

“Mechanical Bull” takes it back to the party. The hook comes in with the like “we got girls, we got girls takin turns on that mechanical bull.” I love that part, I wait to hear every time I listen to the song. It kind of reminds me of “I Love This Bar.”

“They Sound Like That” changes things up again. It’s about how country songs can remind you of specific moments in your life. This isn’t your typical self-aware song about “country song” that you hear on the radio, it’s more about remembering. Really it could apply to any genre, music is powerful.

“Outlaw Music” is a very heavy on the “rock” with a sound that’s almost borderline metal with those guitars! The lyrics are true to the song title, about singing “outlaw” country music, definitely one of the more autobiographical songs like “If You Can Run Along With Me” and “Guitars”.

Cory has also embarked on a unique way of releasing his newest songs. Each month starting in August he is releasing a new single, the first titled “Make Pretender”. Its a song about stop pretending to be something you’re not and just be who you are. This new way of releasing singles shows that Cory welcomes new concepts, and having been following him for a few months on social media I see how much of a hard worker he is. I’m sure right now him and his team are thinking up some new promotional tool to help grow his fan base.
Visit CoryWilkins.com and you can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He’s very active and very convincing!
Recommended for anyone that likes down and dirty, bluesy music.
You can also purchase the EP at iTunes.