Miranda Lambert Goes ‘Platinum’ – Album Review

“To me, Platinum is a lifestyle and my hair color, and hopefully how many records I’ll sell!”

After listening to the album countless times for over a month I’m finally posting my review of this spectacular album. For her 5th album I was hoping Miranda Lambert would go back to a sound similar to Revolution instead of Four The Record. When the first single “Automatic” was released I thought I might get my wish. I was wrong…

In fact Platinum is so much more than anything I could have expected, a sound way bigger than Revolution and better than Four the Record! Somehow Miranda picked songs that create a “mixed-bag” but in a good way. She takes you on a journey with sounds from classic country and sounds that are contemporary and fresh. On songs like “Girls” and “Automatic” she puts her foot down and says this is me, this is who I am today. Whereas with songs like “Another Sunday in the South” and “All That’s Left” musically and lyrically acknowledge the country music genre. Miranda always says she just a fan herself.

“Smokin’ and Drinkin'” features Little Big Town. When I heard of the collaboration this was the song I wanted to hear the most. It was one of 7 or 8 tracks that were featured on CMT before the release, but I was disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting from them but I guess this wasn’t it. First off the song begins with what sounds like Miranda’s voice through auto-tune, but as the song goes on it’s not as noticeable. After a few listens the song grew on me and is now one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s laid back approach fits perfectly with the lyrics and showcases the astounding voices of Miranda and LBT.

The second track is titled “Platinum” and might as well have been the opener. Another one of my favorites, it shows that Miranda does have a humorous side just like her husband and doesn’t take things too seriously. The lyrics are a back and forth contradiction, utilizing “big” words to describe the narrator’s affliction for bleach! One line goes “somethin’ ’bout platinum irrefutably looks as good on records as it does on me.” 

Even though she didn’t write it you’d swear the song writers were thinking of Miranda when writing “Priscilla”. The narrator is apparently the wife of a very famous man who’s “married to attention”. It’s an upbeat track that apparently seeks the advice of Priscilla Presley, who actually took a photo of herself and Lisa Marie listening to the song and sent it to Miranda on Instagram.

“Automatic” packs the punch that “The House That Built Me” and “Over You” did off her last two albums, but isn’t as introspective. Now that she’s 30, Miranda is at the point in her life where she ponders the changes in our society versus how it was when she was younger, during a slightly more simpler time.

“Old Shit” and “All That’s Left” both sound like classic country music. “Old Shit” basically says I don’t go for fads, if it’s out of style then I’ll probably like it. “All That’s Left” features The Time Jumpers which adds extra country cred to the track which is about sending someone off on their way.

The second single from the album is “Somethin’ Bad” with the other blonde country music superstar, Carrie Underwood. This is a fun duet that literally attacks the untapped market of female duets, which is basically non-existent in contemporary country music. The video is just as flashy as you’d expect with the two women scheming together doin’ bad stuff.

“Holding On To You” was written by Miranda, Jessi Alexander and Ashley Monroe. I love when Miranda and Ashley work together, their output never fails to be amazing. Its a slower love song that says I’ve seen and done some amazing things in my life but there “ain’t no moment like when I’m holding on to you.”

All three writers also wrote the final track on the album titled “Another Sunday in the South”, which could be considered a sequel to the Shenandoah hit “Sunday in the South”. The lyrics even reference the band and other songs of theirs, as well as the band Restless Heart. Musically it’s a great track that goes perfect with a warm Sunday afternoon in the comforts of home. 

As a bonus I purchased the Zinepak version of the CD from Wal Mart and I’m glad I did. It’s packed with tons of photos, the lyrics and exclusive interviews with Miranda and her team, including album producer Frank Liddell. There’s so much information in the magazine-style packaging that it’s surprising it didn’t cost twice as much.

Frank and Miranda teamed up for the 5th time to produce an album that is sure to send Miranda’s career onto a whole other level. Each song reflects a particular aspect of the singer’s life and plays like an open book. She expands her horizons musically without alienating her fans or just simply “pushing the envelope” to ruffle feathers. Platinum just MAKES SENSE.


1. ‘Girls’
2. ‘Platinum’
3. ‘Little Red Wagon’
4. ‘Smokin’ and Drinkin’ (feat. Little Big Town)’
5. ‘Priscilla’
6. ‘Automatic’
7. ‘Bathroom Sink’
8. ‘Old Sh!t’
9. ‘All That’s Left (feat. The Time Jumpers)’
10. ‘Gravity Is a B**ch’
11. ‘Babies Makin’ Babies’
12. ‘Somethin’ Bad (duet with Carrie Underwood)’
13. ‘Holding On to You’
14. ‘Two Rings Shy’
15. ‘Hard Staying Sober’
16. ‘Another Sunday in the South’