Emma Lane “Noise from the Basement” EP Review

This blonde girl with a “good vibes” personality looks like she’d be from California but she’s actually from New York (and brings that “sass”). A country-rock singer, song writer and guitarist she released her 3-song EP Noise from the Basement in 2013. Leaning more toward the rock side she is able to include vocal elements to her songs that aren’t normally heard in country music.

The first song, “At the Crossroads”, is about making the decision of following God after taking the wrong path in the past. While a self-reflecting song lyrically, musically it packs a powerful punch in the vein of 90s grunge.

“So Long” intros with a cool power pop approach that works in a playful way and lays the groundwork for her gritty vocals. Emma has the ability to bring her voice to a certain rasp and really shows you her vocal range in each song.

“When I’m Gone” is about telling someone that they’ll miss you when you’re gone. Emma has songwriting credits on all 3 songs and two are about leaving a relationship, I wonder if she wrote them from personal experience (I hope not!). Her voice has a 90s flare and sounds a little like Dolores’ from the band The Cranberries.

Emma Lane soars with every note and proves she has spot-on songwriting talent. With only 3 songs on the EP, these carefully crafted songs leave you wanting more. Many up and comers can’t write well-rounded songs in the beginning, but a great SONG writer (not just lyricist) like Emma does. There is a fun-ness about her and her music that’s more than just “noise”!

You can help fund Emma’s next single here: http://www.gofundme.com/b7t7ls
PS- Thanks Emma!