Showcase #1- Maggie Rose and Rachele Lynae

I thought I would try something new for Rock Meets Country and try a showcase by reviewing two artists at the same time. Not to compare, though, because they are two very different singers! Both artists in this show case are relatively new but have already started carving a name for themselves in country music.


Maggie Rose – Cut to Impress

Maggie’s first full length album, released in March of 2013 is titled Cut to Impress and has two singles released so far. Maggie’s career has taken her on quite a journey to get to where she is today. The first single is a funky tune titled “I Ain’t Your Mama”. The lyrics are a fun play on the term “mama”, stating “you can be my baby any time you wanna, but I ain’t your mama”. The second single is one of my favorite songs on the album, titled “Better”, because it gives Maggie the chance the really show us what her voice is capable of. There is vulnerability in her voice that works well with the lyrical content of wanting to move on from a heartbreak. Another stand out track is “Preacher’s Daughter”! When I first played the album I thought I put in the wrong CD because musically the swamp sound doesn’t sound like something this pretty little blonde would be singin’ on. With its not-so-light subject matter (or tone) it reminds me of the Pistol Annies. While most of the songs lend themselves to a more pop sound, I would say I prefer the country/rock/sassy stuff that I know Maggie can do!


Rachele Lynae- Self Titled

The second artist featured in this showcase is Rachele Lynae’s debut self-titled album released in April 2014. First off, she reminds me of a country version of what Avril Lavigne used to be, a little spitfire with a lot to say. I never was a fan of Avril but Rachele is definitely someone I would keep my eye on. Rachele is tough but comes off really very sweet. More than I would prefer, the sweetness is presented in the form of pop on the album. Again, it’s the real country sounding songs that I prefer.  They bring out a little bit of huskiness in Rachele’s voice that has a lot of potential, and I think will come out even more as she grows as an artist. Songs like “Cigarette” and “Words in Red” are great examples of how special Rachele is. From reading her journals on her website and watching her EPK, it’s obvious she is enthusiastic about writing. She has co-writes on all 12 songs on the album.