ABC’s Rising Star Debuts

The new singing competition debuted on Sunday night. The judges are Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley, the host is Josh Gorban.
I think the reason I bothered watching the show is for Brad because I thought he would be funny and interactive. Ok so honestly I thought he was going to be like Blake Shelton is on The Voice! I was wrong! And they seem to be more interested in focusing on Ludacris. When he was pretty honest when he didn’t like something so maybe that’s why, I don’t know, but it’s not what I was expecting.
Actually there was a second reason I watched it, because there is nothing else on TV. I did download the app and voted for most of the performances, and one thing I like is how the live voting is handled, something The Voice needs to take note on. Although the other US time zones get to vote first, live, the west coast at least gets to determine if someone moves forward if the live time zones voted No, meaning less than 70% voted No.
I think it is kind of confusing at first and apparently the only way to vote is through your cell phone via the app. The problem there is what if it crashes? Like it did for me, and apparently voted No for me once! Haha
My biggest complaint was Josh as the host, and I’m sorry but since this type show isn’t new territory of course every aspect is going to be held to a high standard. Josh is no Ryan or Carson.
At the end of the day did we really need another singing competition on TV? Some of the contestants on these shows really are talented and deserve success, whether they won their respective shows or not. I’m partial to Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison from American Idol and Audra McLaughlin from The Voice. The talent is there no doubt, something the opposers choose to ignore, but getting a record contract so quickly is off-putting.
Will I continue to watch on Sunday nights? I’m not sure but most likely not.