Lady Antebellum “Bartender” Video Review

The release of the song “Bartender” is an interesting one. Barely a year after the release of their full album Golden, the band has stopped releasing singles from it. “Bartender” is to be included on their next album supposedly in the works now.
It seems as though somebody wasn’t happy with the album sales or the sound. Most likely it was the sales, but I bought Golden when it came out and barely listened to any of the songs, quite frankly it bored me. Then a few months later it was announced that they were adding a few more tracks on a special edition of the album. Enter “Compass”. This upbeat song was a surprise hit.
Lady A released a statement when “Bartender” was released basically stating that they learned that their fans want more upbeat songs, and somehow they’ve ended up doing a lot of mid-tempo songs. Again, it seems Golden was a disappointment.
The song itself is about a woman who wants to drink to forget a man. Lady A has always been very pop oriented, but this song goes way beyond anything they’ve done before. It sounds like something you’d hear in a club, there are a lot different sounds going on. There’s even the rapid delivery of some of the lyrics that’s popular to do right now.
I’ll agree, it’s not country music. But having said that, I do like the song because it’s extremely catchy.
Since the lyrics paint a vivid picture at times, referring to a double shot of Crown, dancing with a stranger, etc, you’d think the video would follow along, but it doesn’t. In the video there’s a bar and drinking, great, but it tells a completely different story.
Unfortunately the video for “Bartender” is a misstep. I’m sure CMT will still play the crap out of it, after all it’s a catchy Lady A song! I just wish more effort would have been put into a simple story.