3 Song Review- Matt Hines

A 3-song review (and hopefully soon a full EP review) by a Texan raised in Mississippi Matt Hines!

“As the Crow Flies”- An upbeat muddy-water tune I could definitely see on repeat with my iPod, because it’s the most rockin’. The lyrics are a little darker, addressing alcoholism, but presented in a lighter tone. Just listen to it!

“Base it On A Feeling”- A groovin’ tune that has hints of Matt’s R & B influences, where a choir would fit nicely in the background vocals. According to his website, http://matthinesofficial.com, Matt’s father is a preacher and he “grew up leading his church in his favorite old hymns”, which is proof he knows what he’s doing and the talent is real. Whether he knew it or not, Matt has probably been honing his craft for many years.

“When You’re Gone”- typically I would call this a “piano song”, which I have a soft spot for. It’s interesting because that’s not something you typically hear in country music. Most artists drop the twang when behind a piano, why I don’t know! Vocally I immediately think of Elton John, another influence of Matt’s, from his tone to the particular notes he carefully chooses.

These three songs showcase three different styles for Matt, all clearly drawn from his influences through life and music. He could release 3 EPs, one rock, one R&B and one pop, and as long as he remained honest they would each work because they would possess his undeniable gift.

I’m excited to see what songs Matt decided to put on his first EP, because there are a few directions he could go given his ability to adapt to different styles and influences. My only advice would be to carefully select that track list to design a cohesive sound.

What I really wanted was to review an EP, but he doesn’t have one yet. So help him out by going here: http://www.gofundme.com/matthinesofficial