City Country- Spinn

So right off the bat I know I’m going to love a song titled “City Country” because I’m from Southern California and I love me some country music! I don’t live the country life by any means, so I can’t relate to all these country songs that talk about livin’ in the south and that way of life. With “City Country” alternative country band Spinn is speaking my language, because, you see, they’re from New Jersey so they get it. And that’s just the title of the song…

I love harmonies so I’m naturally drawn to Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and even in country I’ve gravitated toward Little Big Town. All those groups blend their voices so well together and is always the part of their songs I look forward to the most. Spinn has not one, not two, but three female singers! Vocally this band does not disappoint, especially on “City Country” where the harmonies are in full swing. Keep that up ladies, I think bands should play up their strengths and that is one of yours!

An upbeat rocker that speaks where the band is coming from, I definitely see this an as opener to their shows. It’s like HERE WE ARE, WHO WE ARE, period. Is there anything more defining than an opener?

Spinn is a blended cocktail of country, rock and pop, an intoxicating combination that leaves you wanting more. And thanks to “City Country” I know I’m not the only one in the city with southern dreams. Buy it now on iTunes!