This Bro-Country We’re In

People are complaining about what’s being called Bro-Country, which is basically a wave of man songs. Ok more specially a New Wave Of Frat Guys that are all over the radio, whose songs seem to reference the same ideas and sometimes phrases, such as drinking, girls, trucks, and Dixie cups!
Part of the complaint is that obviously it’s all the guys and less female artists on the air. I agree, it’s definitely off center with the gender issue. However some articles and blogs I’ve read state that they aren’t even hearing Kasey Musgraves, that it’s just Miranda and Carrie. What I noticed is that my local radio stations, the Los Angeles market, actually play more women than some other markets. I hear Cassadee Pope, Kasey and Sara Evans quite a bit. Not sure why that is.
I agree that things are getting really redundant and that more female artists should be on the air, but radio airplay is a two way street. Yes, radio tells us what to listen to by introducing new songs, but the audience responds to it accordingly. If Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again” is played for the 174th time today that means someone is out there requesting the song, or at least a bunch of people were while it was climbing the charts. The radio station isn’t going to play a song nobody is responding positively to, and they are very selective about what songs they play to keep you listening. But nobody seems to be addressing this and acts like it’s a one way street. No! It’s not!
As always, it’s the powers that be that are catering to the younger fans. The older generation that poo-poos new country is very apathetic and doesn’t have time to call radios and what not. Maybe they should complain up and not out, because the more traditional side of country is out there, you just have to find it somewhere other than radio right now.