2014 Academy of Country Music Awards

Some of the biggest acts in country music were in Las Vegas Sunday, April 5th for the 49th ACMs. Turns out, as it was announced that night, that next year the show will be in Dallas for the first time for its 50th anniversary. I have read that its planned to move them back to Las Vegas, possibly once the new arena is built at Monte Carlo. Up until this year MGM has hosted the awards.

The night brought together some interesting mash-ups and moments with some stars that aren’t even in the country realm, like Blake Shelton singing with Shakira. They performed the sound “Medicine” on Shakira’s latest album. Its not a bad song, but an unusual pairing on country music’s biggest awards night. Blake also performed with another blonde that wasn’t his wife on a song called “My Eyes” with Gwen Sabastian. Although currently his single “Doin’ What She Likes” is climbing up the charts, I assume this will be his next single. I think it should have been the song “Ten Times Crazier”, its more up beat.

I would really like to see Blake and Miranda Lambert do a really great country duet together. But Miranda did perform twice that night as well as her husband, she perform her latest “Automatic” and performed in the tribute to Merle Haggard, it was his 77th birthday. Miranda won Female Vocalist of the Year for the 5th straight year, and as always, she graciously accepted the award on behave of all of her female competitors.

The Band Perry opened the show with their newest single “Chainsaw”, which I actually like. I’ve heard it a few times on the radio and its probably the only song I’ve theirs that I like. The performance warranted a joke from hosts Blake and Luke Bryan about the confetti ruining all the expensive hair-dos.

The highlight of the night for me was definitely seeing Lady Antebellum perform with Stevie Nicks. They recently had just re-released the song “Golden” featuring Stevie on vocals, which turned into a definite golden nugget of a song! Their voices melt very well together and it even worked well as they performed “Rhiannon”.

For the first time Justin Moore was nominated for an ACM, New Artist of the Year. Although he’s been around for a few years longer than his fellow nominees, you could tell it was still an honor for him prior to winning. He shed a few tears once his name was called, showing how important it was to him to have his career acknowledged.

One artist I was sort of surprised to hear as a performer was Toby Keith, he doesn’t normally seem to do award show. But he basically announced his next single “Shut Up and Hold On”, one of my favorites on Drinks After Work. It works well with today’s country radio.

I was excited to hear Dierks Bentley was going to be performing because I think he’s one of the more respectable young country dudes out there but doesn’t seem to get the recognition. All the more better was hearing Sheryl Crow would sing with him on “I Hold On”, but I was really disappointed in their performance. Basically their voices didn’t mesh well together and it sounded forced. Maybe it was the song, an otherwise great song, but I don’t think so.

I noticed Vince Neil from Motley Crue in the audience during Darius Rucker’s “Wagon Wheel”, it reminded me that a country tribute album to Motley Crue is due out this summer that I can’t wait to hear! I’m a big fan of the band and I’m sure the artists on the album will be big fans too, making it a very interest project to hear.

I have read mixed reviews about Blake and Luke’s chemistry, but I don’t understand why. I thought they were great hosting together last year and this year. Yeah, some of the jokes were offensive, but that is why they were funny. Them coming out dressed as Daft Punk and poking fun was spot on because I remember thinking how ridiculous they looked at the Grammys. At one point Luke performed following Blake’s “flupped” intro naming him “Bluke Lyan”. So I don’t get how some people didn’t “get” it, or why they cared that Jamie Lynn Spears would get hurt at the Britney joke.

I watched the red carpet show on GAC earlier in the day and enoyed that too because of course everyone had time to talk, and it let you know who was there to perform, present or was just there in the audience. My favorite country band Little Big Town was there, but for the first time didn’t perform or win an award, disappointing. But overall it was an entertaining night, and even some of the performers I don’t normally care for did a good job.