Downtown with Lady A

On Saturday March 15 Lady Antebellum came to town. Actually, they played literally across the street, so my wife and I walked there. The venue was the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. When the date was posted months ago I wanted to go for a few reasons. One, neither of us had seen them in concert before, and of course, two, the show was on a Saturday night across the street. We had been wanting to walk there for an event since we moved here last April. But we weren’t sure if we’d make it because of money or something, and then it sold out. However we waited and waited, and finally on the day of the show some of the cheapest tickets popped up online.

I was also particularly excited to go to because Kasey Musgraves and Kip Moore were the openers. We had seen Kasey open for Little Big Town last year, and I thought it would be interesting to see if or how she’s grown in a year. The good thing is she has released a few more singles in that time, songs which I really like, such as “Follow Your Arrow” and “Blowin’ Smoke”. She did all of her singles, including immensely popular “Merry Go Round”, and most likely almost all of the songs on her debut album. I don’t own it myself so I’m not sure, but after this show I would like to purchase it because I find her very interesting. As I was watching her perform I was realizing just how traditional “country” her sound is, and how refreshing she presents it. Nobody else that I’ve heard has done that and has been successful. I say “good for her!” Maybe as time goes on she will put on more of a “show” with lights, lasers, risers, ramps, etc etc., but I for one hope not because how she performs now is just perfect. Oh, and she did a cover of TLC’s “Scrubs”, which a week later is still stuck in my head! Plus I saw the scrubs section at Walmart, which didn’t help.

I (but my wife does not) like Kip Moore’s song “Beer Money” and its always fun to see someone new. Well, sometimes. In this case it was not because we didn’t care for him. There’s a new term out there called “bro country” and Kip embodied it. I really don’t mind it if you’re talented but otherwise no, and this was a big no for me. I don’t think Kip has a voice at all, and I’ve been to a lot of hard rock concerts, heard a lot of screaming and loud LOUD shows, but this was too much for me. At one point he kind of reminded me of Bryan Adams, but without the hooky songs that worked so well for him (where is he now anyway?).

Now on to Lady A! A trio of voices that melt so well together to create extremely catchy songs you hear on the radio! I love that. This is a world-wide phenomenon, as I kept reminding myself that night. They are huge, although I don’t know that many of their songs, all of which are of course radio singles. But it was still a great show to see. I don’t know if it was genuine or not (seemed to be though) but they talked a lot about appreciating California and seemed to personalize the banter between songs. They always seems extremely grateful and appreciative of their fans.

Aside from hearing songs like “Downtown” “Need You Now” and “Our Kind of Love”, the highlight for me was probably when they brought Kip and Kasey back on stage to sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Prior they mentioned that they had done the Crossroads episode with Stevie Nicks last year. I didn’t know they were going to do the song because I couldn’t find any recent set lists, and the latest one I did find online showed that they played Tom Petty’s “Wont Back Down”. Since this is considered on “LA area” show I thought perhaps they would bring on a special guest and hoped it would have been Stevie herself. I thought it might be a possibility because it had just been announced that Stevie will be performing with Lady A at the ACMs next month. Oh well, it was still cool they did a Fleetwood Mac song, and did an amazing job with it. I thought Kasey especially nailed it and would love to her do some more!

I eat up any connections I can find, and there’s one interesting side note I’d like to point out, even just for my own amusement! One of the other country artists we’ve seen in concert also did an amazing job on a Fleetwood Mac cover, and that was Little Big Town. AND, Kasey Musgraves opened that show as well! HA!

OK, back to the show. One thing my wife pointed out was that it didn’t seem like Hillary talked as much as you would think. Charles did a majority of the talking, but all three did speak up though. I did have my eye on Hillary all night, and thought I noticed her looking directly as us quite a few times! I know because I had my binoculars out since we were toward the top.

Another side note, when we were walking around the venue while Kip Moore was yelling we noticed Matt Rogers from American Idol. He found some people he knew that were around us, but when approaching them he seemed like he didn’t want to be noticed. He’s from Rancho Cucamonga. At first I thought it was Lee Brice! oh well

All and all it was a great night of music and I was grateful it was so close to our house! That was way more appealing that driving to see Lady A this summer in Irvine, I hate that venue.